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Amuk KYS jailed for 18 months

Posted on 16 May 2010 2:24 PM
Amuk KYS Graffiti

Recently Amuk KYS, aka Thomas Stanley, was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment after a three day jury trial at Maidstone Crown Court. This was for 12 charges of graffiti on trains.

Some news articles:

Confusingly the news articles give his age as variously 20, 24 and 25.

There are a couple of support groups setup already, on Facebook (Support Tom Stanley) and Flickr (Free Amuk). The description on the Flickr group I think sums up what's wrong with this lengthy sentence:

"As a first offence and with no previous criminal record, I believe the length of sentence was unjustified and his case is one of many recent examples of the criminal justice system giving out harsh sentences in an attempt to discourage further activity among graffiti writers."

For twelve offences causing £52,000 of damage, the average cost must have been £4,333 - which seems a bit of an excessive estimate, as is typical with this sort of court case.

The judge, Andrew Patience QC, has previously sentenced a plastic surgeon to 12 months for nearly killing a woman while drink driving his Bentley, a woman who fraudulently claimed £43,000 in benefits to a 1 year suspended sentence and 300 hours community service, a paedophile to 15 months for downloading child abuse photos, a woman who glassed her boyfriend in the face to 15 months, a man who stabbed his wife to 9 months suspended, and a police officer who downloaded child porn freed after 6 months.

Some more links of support for Amuk worth checking out:

Amuk KYS graffiti


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