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Graffiti: old skool graff
04 Jul 04 11:54 PM | Edit Reply | RE: i think
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Posted by MrKn0witAll:
Posted by ddddd:yea i have ive e-mailed him b4 n he knows im using the name duro[Edited by duro on 29 Jun 04 02:23 PM]

have you no shame... y0u have p0ssible just admitted to being the most pathetic person alive, claiming you have e-mailed one of the best old school writers, to ask him if you can use the word he wrote?? i think y0u are fibbing y0ung man...i think if y0u said you were fiBBing it w0uld be better for you..than you actually e-mailing him...

think ab0ut it all son...

I smell a JuFF imposter/wannabe...
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