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Pictures: Steel
20 Sep 07 07:47 PM | Edit Reply | Steel
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Link wrote:
See, i have a bunch of qeustions wich are probally stupid but, tbh i dont wanna go unprepared.

Are bolt cutters advisable to take, i hear talk of needing to cut fences to gain entry.

would somthing to stand on so i could actually reach the pannel.

Anyway to take out cameras a day in advance (that seems fucking retarded...*inspector gadget stylee*)

If any of those are too stuid or too bait, feel free to laugh me outa here...


All this advice is second hand.

keeping specifics outta it.
Dust your cans before you go in the yard, keep what your using in your hand if you get spotted drop them as soon as your out of sight. If your just in for damage its not much of a blow(losing a burner and blackie) but if your doin a piece this could be heartbreaking!
Avoid taking sketches(some people need them) avoid taking anything to do with graffiti at all bar the paint.
I've never been sure what to do with plastic gloves if a chase should arise! anyone give any advice?

Bolt cutters depend on the yard i imagine, say in a place where steel gets hit all the time, i.e any city with a big scene. they would be a necessity. If your going to cut a hole make sure its juuust big enough for you to run through and hopefully it will be to small for some fat btp nob to chase you.

But they are big and heavy and if the fences are quick to climb you might be better to just jump em!

scope a while in advance if at all possible! but if not whateveeerrr.

Plus taking out cameras, get reaaaaal!!!!!

Even if you havent started painting yet and you get seen, run, the fine for tresspassing is rediculous. Also dont really want your name getin taken. You would be better to have a spotter incase some track worker spots you and has the brains to phone btp BEFORE shouting oi! hahah!

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