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Pictures: Steel
31 Jan 08 11:15 PM | Edit Reply | Steel
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Porno Valley
BTP wrote:
Gangstarr wrote:
who else is gettin sick of this cunt wankin over panels? anyone could hit a panel that has the balls. the main thing is hitting it with something good, which is something only you could dream of... as well as me and most cunts on this forum so i dont want to hear any more of anyones shite!

Yea cause im gona stop cause some little fuking kid tells me to!

What you'v basicly said is you dont have the balls, well there are a number of people in Scotland that despite them never running and no one ever seeing them, they do have the balls! And i respect them much more then some little twats that think they should be scared of the police because they fuckin well tag back alleys!

im no little kid pal, and i know exactly who you are and what you write so stop tryin to act the big man! youve got what i said all wrong, i never even said anything about myself doing anything. i was merely stating that it just takes balls to hit a train and nothing more, plenty of toys have hit trains! im just sick of people like you acting the big man all hidden away chattin shit non stop and pretending your something special calling everyone wido's and toys and little kids and that..
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