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Pictures: Steel
23 Apr 08 04:29 PM | Edit Reply | RE: Steel
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Auld Reekie.
Kulture wrote:
creepncrawl wrote:
u steal my flicks n laugh at me?!?! hahahh, what a fuckin gimp. Judging by the fun I had when those panels were painted I think its plain to see who's got the last laugh. U cunts are fuckin pathetic. It doesnt make u smart just because u posted some flix of somebody elses panels. The fact that u posted them clearly states that ur into them. eat my jizz son. swallow.

Haha, mate i got them off myspace and posted them on here because i like them and i was wanting to know other peoples opinions, and for u to say they were stolen off a privete site and for me not to know who u are, i thought it was just another weirdo saying untrue shit, apoligies big mahn

creepncrawl just tuned you wee sac!
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