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Pictures: Steel
16 Oct 08 08:04 PM | Edit Reply | RE: Steel
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gunghoe wrote:

1) That photo is totally unrelated to my point about the freight. I was saying style always matters, maybe jailbait passenger panels won't be that well painted, but the photo wasn't of a passenger panel, it was a freight. How does a photo of you walking towards a train contradict my point?

2) That photo is really bait.

Your shoes are clearly visible.

You show distinctive clothes such as those trackies.

You did blur the logo on your backpack, but you left the proportion and colour of said details clearly visible, I won't do it here, but I could tell you exactly what sort of bag that is from your photo.

That white poly bag does you no favours either, the colour and proportion of the logo on the side are clearly definable.

Again, I wont name it, but you can clearly see from that photo what depo you are at.

The fading light shows what time of day it is.

you haven't kept what you write secret from this forum either, making it all the more bait.

We have had our differences, but I respect the fact you are hitting steel. I genuinely think you should take down that photo though.

i just sed moan at this nothin to do wae contradictin enything
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