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Pictures: Edinburgh Pics II
24 Mar 09 10:24 AM | Edit Reply | RE: Edinburgh Pics II
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SteveCarell wrote:

your a wee brassneck like, you fucked over my mate wi some weed and your wondering why im dogging your pieces. bignoser said you do it all the time you wee fuck and now your complaining about a wee bit paint over your shan as fuck piece?

shutup you daft twat.
[Edited by SteveCarell on 23 Mar 09 08:47 PM]

I swear to christ next time i see you im going to hit you, your a fuckin wide fat prick with nae pals. cunts like you were made for bumping. not to mencion the fact that everything which comes out of that fucked up face of yours is a lie and everything which comes out of your spraycans is a blatent bite. everyone knows that.. if it wasnt for me you would still be looking for someone to paint with, i introducd u to everyone... you need to get a grip and stay well away from me, or there will be conciquences. you have been warned fatty.
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