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Graffiti: political graff! ( [Expand] [RevSort] )
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  28 Jan 07 12:58 AM | Edit Reply | political graff!
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what do you think off political graffiti its all that seems to be going up lately !
  28 Jan 07 01:10 AM | Edit Reply | RE: political graff!
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politics and art have always went together...and seing as the goverment are heavily against graff, the writers are bound to stand up for it, and some political graff is the best way to do it. On the other hand it could easily become a trend among writers to "hate the goverment" even if there doing a perfectly good job...but yeah, political graff, if the message it is giving is a good one, im all for it...but the last thing i wanna see scribled all ofer the shope is "F.T bush" and "young anti tony blair brigade"
  28 Jan 07 03:58 AM | Edit Reply | political graff!
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Theres a lot of stuff happening now that a lot of people don't like. Political graff is going to happen because of this and thats cool, especially if its being seen by lots of people. Graffiti is one of the best ways to be heard, its hard to ignore something when its painted on a wall in bright colours.
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  04 Feb 07 07:15 PM | Edit Reply | RE: political graff!
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Political graff is the way forward, the gov doesnt listen in our faux democracy, so the only method to get people talking is the writers on the wall.
I work with stencils and markers for tags, and my 'debut' peice is gonna go on the wall of the outside of the mall, 3rd floor. I figure glued down giant stencils and an extendable roller should work, am I wrong?
  04 Feb 07 09:44 PM | Edit Reply | RE: political graff!
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yes roller will be difficult to put in the small gaps on the stencil and giant stencils are hard to take around not being noticed
i suggest cut GIANT stencil up into quarters first. use a can of paint
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