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Announcements: Style Wars @ Edinburgh Film Festival ( [Expand] [RevSort] )
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  10 Jul 03 11:07 AM | Edit Reply | Style Wars @ Edinburgh Film Festival
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from the film festivall website:


Style Wars/Style Wars: Revisited
70 min

SAT 23 AUG 19:00 UGC 8
PRICE: £6.00 (£4.00 CONCS)

The history of New York's original subway graffiti artists, their battles with City Hall, the police and each other.

This legendary and unique documentary has been updated and remastered for the 20th Anniversary of its original release. ""The subway cars that became wild style murals to artists like Seen, Skeme, and Cap may as well be cave drawings to New Yorkers accustomed to a comparatively graffiti-free transit system...Style Wars Revisited will remind you that the MTA may have come out victorious in the battle against bombing, but hip-hop won the war."" – Shan Fowler
  11 Jul 03 01:37 AM | Edit Reply | a
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wheres that?
  11 Jul 03 02:43 PM | Edit Reply | where?
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Fountain Bridge

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